Rivers of Blood

Session 3 Summary

Ser Harlan is introduced to Anton Black, the man who taught Davain the skill of smithing. Davain tells Ser Harlan that his technique of forging blades comes from Valyria.

Ralhallan happens upon a bloody battle in Durain’s Forest. He heals a young lad who briefly tells him about the rift between Durgan and Thalia. Ral asks for directions to Durgan’s Camp, in return for which he promises to send back aid. After scouting the hidden valley that harbours Durgan’s Camp, Ral returns directly to Hart House and the injured lad is left for the wolves.

Willam and Ral conduct investigations amongst the hamlets and farmsteads around the edge of Durain’s Forest and learn more details about the war between Durgan and Thalia. A decision is taken to approach Durgan, pending Ser Torrhen’s approval.

Willam talks to Lady Ysme and learns that the baker in Hartville has been given a cuckold’s horns by his wife, who is currently pregnant by Ser Corbin.


Fingolfin Fingolfin

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