Lady Nymeria Fisher

Ser Torrhen's Wife


Lady Nymeria is the younger sister of Lord Yohn Royce.

She is several years younger than her husband, Ser Torrhen. She grieves for the loss of her two sons during the War of the Usurper, but unlike her husband she has not allowed this grief to consume her. Lady Nymeria is acutely aware that the future of House Fisher now depends upon her surviving son, Ser Harlan. To this end she is keen to advise him soundly in political matters, and has gone so far as to appoint two very capable advisors to guide her son through the murky world of the game of thrones. Willam is an adept negotiator, whilst Ralhallan has been sent from King’s Landing with the broad remit of keeping Ser Harlan’s hands clean.

Lady Nymeria cares not for her husband’s bastard and would sooner see him shipped off to the Wall, or anywhere that places him out of sight. Unfortunately, Harlan is close to his father’s illegitimate get and relies on him to lead the garrison of Bloodwater Keep.

Following the death of Ser Torrhen, Lady Nymeria elected to leave her son to take charge of the house. She is currently travelling somewhere in the east.

Lady Nymeria Fisher

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