Durain's Forest

The largest single forest in the Riverlands, Durain’s Forest has been untamed since before the Andal invasion. The forest is riddled with hidden glens, dense thickets and there is not a single man-made, navigable trail within its expanse. These features have provided those who live on the fringes of the law with a safe haven for centuries. Many lords have attempted to exert their authority on this region and there are countless ruined towers and forts bearing testimony to this hubris.

During the War of the Usurper, some of the forest’s inhabitants fought for the Targaryens in exchange for promises of clemency. The bandits of Durain’s Forest harried Robert Baratheon’s forces throughout the Trident, but at the end of the war quickly retreated deep into their arboreal holdfast.

The most infamous of the bandits currently living in the forest is called Durgan the Red. His men plague the outlying reaches of House Bartheld territory and occasionally stray as far the lands left to House Fisher.

House Bartheld has the strongest claim to the forest, if only the bandits could be displaced once and for all. Before the war, House Fisher would have had a solid claim, too, but since Riverthorn was removed from the house domains, Ser Torrhen would struggle to make any claim stick.

Durgan’s band is currently fighting itself. Thalia Pemm has driven a wedge through the heart of Durgan’s band and managed to sway over half his men to her side. The two factions now fight each other in a bloody attritional guerilla war across the forest.

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Durain's Forest

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