Durgan's Camp

‘Camp’ is nothing if not a misnomer for what, in reality, amounts to a thriving settlement deep in Durain’s Forest. Durgan has built a bucolic hamlet for his people, hidden from prying eyes and soldiers in a beautiful valley. The valley itself has only point of entry, along a hidden path that is generously supplied with look-outs and bowmen. The verdant valley floor has been farmed by Durgan’s people, with a mix of crop fields and pasture for livestock. The hamlet itself is built around a single-storey longhouse, which serves as Durgan’s home and meeting hall. The hamlet is surrounded by a wooden palisade.

At the head of the valley a crisp waterfall plummets three-hundred feet into a churning pool, out of which flows a narrow river, which disappears underground at the other end of the valley.

The hamlet’s population is currently severely depleted due to the ongoing war with Thalia.

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Durgan's Camp

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