Hart House

The seat of House Bartheld is a huge manor rather than a castle. The main house is filled with stag imagery in recognition of the Bartheld’s gratitude to the Baratheons.

The house sits atop a rocky bluff overlooking a valley, in which nestle two hamlets; Hartville and Southyard. The slopes of the valley are lined with vineyards, which produce a fine vintage.

The wine cellars of Hart House are magnificent to behold and bear testimony to the lavish parties, galas and balls that were once a regular occurrence. The other great attraction is the grand ballroom, which takes up an entire wing of the main house. It is dominated by a huge chandelier which, when alight, casts countless reflections off the mirrored ceiling. The marble floor is patterned with mosaics of stag imagery and can be heated from below by an underground furnace.

Lord Davain recently commissioned the construction of a forge in the grounds of the house. It contains the finest tools and highest quality steel. In his spare time, Davain crafts beautiful swords.

The gardens surrounding the main house are immaculately tended and include a maze.

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Hart House

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