House Bartheld


The Bartheld family has always been loyal to the Baratheons and so fought for Robert during his rebellion.

Hart House has been long renowned for its parties, which were positively decadent, until the recent ascent of Lord Davain.

The current whereabouts of Brom Bartheld are unknown.

Ser Fendrel Bartheld, cousin to Lord Davain, would very much like to see a return to form for Hart House.

Notable Personages

Lord Davain Bartheld head of House Bartheld.
Lady Ayleth Bartheld his wife.
Ser Edmund Bartheld his younger brother.
Lady Ysme Bartheld his younger sister.
Ser Fendrel Bartheld his cousin.
Brom Bartheld his father, the previous lord, now a wanted man.
Ser Rowan Clay Master-at-Arms of Hart House.
Maester Forthwind Maester of Hart House and confidante of Ser Edmund.
Ser Corbin Celtigar a guest currently staying at Hart House.

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House Bartheld

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