Rose Hall

The ancestral home of House Fisher, lying on the northern fringes of Durain’s Forest.

The hall was built with more with aesthetics in mind, rather than defences. It is surrounded by once-magnificent statues, and numerous cracked gargoyles line the roof. The interior was once a masterpiece of tapestries, wood panelling and Myrish carpets, but those that have not been stolen are rotten and stained. Truly, Rose Hall is a testament to the power of neglect.

The building contains a large main hall, a kitchen, a small barracks, a sitting room, four bed-chambers for guests and an enormous master bed-chamber for the lord.

Whilst Rose Hall retains some of its original charms, it also retains a core defensive value. Its walls are made of solid stone quarried from the Mountains of the Moon. It has stout, iron-bound doors, cleverly concealed arrow slits and several secret passages.

Like most of the hamlet of Sulla, Rose Hall is surrounded by rose bushes. Once these were orderly and well maintained, organised in rows to form paths leading between beautiful gardens. Now they have all gone wild and overgrown the paths they once defined. In the aftermath of the war the roses have thrived such that they are said to be the reddest in all Westeros. many of the remaining small-folk believe that the roses give hint of a time when House Fisher will rise again and spill the blood of its betrayers.

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Rose Hall

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